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    We all know that an organisation’s workforce is its most valuable asset. This is particularly true in the public sector where the majority of employees are directly responsible for supporting individuals and communities to thrive. From providing your children with a quality education and making sure your local area is safe and clean to ensuring those who need care and support receive it, these individuals play a key role in helping us achieve well-being. Wouldn’t it be good to know more about the workforce that play such an important role in all our lives? Well, look no further…

    Putting names to faces…

    Well, not quite, but this week we have published a new ‘Local authority workforce’ dataset in InfoBaseCymru. The dataset, which can be found in the ‘Local government’ theme, provides some headline information about the workforce of each Welsh local authority, including age, gender and salary. It will help you understand the characteristics of the current workforce and how this might change in the future.

    Tell me more…

    The data has been published as open data under the terms of the Open Government License (OGL), which means that the data is clear and easily accessible so that anyone can use, re-use and/or repurpose it free of charge in any format they choose.

    It is part of a wider initiative to ‘open up’ data about the workforce across the entire public sector. Welsh Government have also published the same information about their workforce and we expect other organisations to make their data available over the next few months. Further information about this initiative can be found in Welsh Government’s recent ‘Data and Digital’ blog.

    You can find local authority workforce data in InfoBaseCymru.

    Welsh Government’s data is available in StatsWales. 

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