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  • NIE2018

    Our 2018 event ‘Are we making a difference? Understanding our impact on well-being‘, held on 22 November looked at how new legislation, new expectations and different ways of working meant that those delivering public services in Wales need to think differently about how they evaluate and measure the effectiveness and impact of policies, actions and interventions. The day contained a wide range of informative and interactive sessions, aimed at providing delegates with practical solutions and ideas for them to use within their own organisations.

    We also had two plenary speakers who are renowned in their respective fields of the design of public services and the use of well-being data in the evaluation of interventions, both of whom were able to provide a perspective from outside of Wales. They helped invoke great debate and discussions helping delegates to identify new thinking, ways of working and possible solutions to some of Wales’ ‘wicked’ issues.

    For more information about the day please visit the 'summary' page on our website.

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