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    100 delegates attended our fourth National Intelligence Event – ‘How it REALLY is’ – Understanding well-being – a step change in Wales on Thursday 3 March 2016 at Cardiff City Stadium.

    Delegates heard from a range of speakers including Christopher Stevens, Head of Planning and Partnership Branch and Claire Germain Head of Local Government Partnerships, Welsh Government.

    We also heard from Dr. Alan Netherwood from Netherwood Sustainable Futures who talked about his work with the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) on the Future Generations Act Early Adopter Programme and work on futures governance at Cardiff University to explore how the needs of future generations can be represented in well-being assessments.

    There were a number of breakout sessions with speakers from the Wales Audit Office, Public Health Wales, Participation Cymru, Social Services Improvement Agency, Welsh Local Government Association, Welsh Government, Ceredigion County Council, City and County of Swansea and Cwm Taf UHB.

    The day was brought to a close with Russell De’Ath, Senior Natural Resource Management Adviser, Natural Resources Wales who talked about how the Environment (Wales) Bill gives NRW a particular focus in communicating both the risks and the opportunities that the management of natural resources offers for human well-being, and how they are approaching this new challenge and how this will inform well-being assessments and well-being plans.

    Feedback from the event so far has been very positive. Presentations and video footage are now available.

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