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  • Thriving Places Wales logo

    Data Cymru launched Thriving Places Wales in April 2018. We've now updated the tool with data for 2019.

    Thriving Places Wales’ measures the relative prevalence of conditions for well-being and quality of life at a local level in Wales. The tool is based on local authority areas in Wales but should not be used as a guide to the performance of single organisations, especially individual local authorities.

    If you’d like support with the data, if you have questions about the tool or want support to help embed it in your work, please contact Duncan Mackenzie.

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    y Golygydd / the Editor
  • Overall, the latest free swimming data shows a 19% increase in the number of free public swims for both younger and older people compared to the same period last year.

    Want to see more? Check out our Free Swimming interactive tool for Wales.

    For more information on Free Swimming data please contact Adrian Smith.

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    y Golygydd / the Editor
  • PAM GuidanceWe have recently published the 2019-20 Public Accountability Measures (PAMs) guidance.

    This dataset has been developed by the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) led Task and Finish group, in consultation with local authorities, and seeks to provide a clear and simple overview of local government performance.

    The guidance includes detailed definitions for each measure, including comprehensive guidance for those measures we will collect directly from local authorities. We have also included information about how each of the PAMs may help local authorities demonstrate how they are contributing to the seven well-being goals.

    Enquiries relating to the PAMs or the guidance should be sent to pienquiries@data.cymru

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