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    Get the latest analysis report on Free Swimming data showing trends for Wales.

    We work in partnership with Sport Wales to collect, analyse and report on Free Swimming data from local authorities in Wales.

    The aim of this work is to evaluate the impact of the Free Swimming Initiative in Wales by using the data effectively.

    Here are some of the key points from the 2016-17 data:

    • There has been a 33% and 36% fall in participation in free public swimming amongst males and females aged 16 and under, respectively compared to 2015-16.
    • The 60 and over age group has seen a 2% rise in free public swimming participation, compared to 2015-16.

    Find out more and see what participation is like in your authority by visiting our Free Swimming tool.

    To view the 2016-17 report please click the image below.

    Free Swimming

    For more information on Free Swimming data please contact Adrian Smith.

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