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  • Get the latest analysis report on Free Swimming data showing trends for Wales

    We work in partnership with Sport Wales to collect, analyse and report on Free Swimming data from local authorities in Wales.

    The aim of this work is to evaluate the impact of the Free Swimming Initiative in Wales by using the data effectively.

    Here are some of the key points from the 2014-15 data:

    • There has been a 26% decrease in the number of free public swims for young people, compared to 2013-14.
    • The 60 and over age group has also seen a 9% decrease in free public swimming participation, compared to 2013-14.

    Find out more and see what participation is like in your authority by visiting our Free Swimming tool.

    To view the 2014-15 report please click the image below.

    Free Swimming Logo

    For more information on Free Swimming data please contact Adrian Smith.

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    y Golygydd / the Editor

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    Local authority performance continues to improve

    Data for 2014-15 shows that LA performance has improved for 63% of indicators.

    A report published On Wednesday 2 September shows that performance has improved for 63% of comparable performance indicators compared to 2013-14. The gap in performance (between the best and worst performing authorities) has also narrowed for over half of the indicators.

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    An easy way to see how MyLocalCouncil is performing

    MyLocalCouncil website which is designed to help you understand how your local council is performing has been updated with the latest local authority performance data for 2014-15.

    The site allows you to see how your council compares to others across Wales, how it compares to the Wales average, and how its performance has varied over recent years.

    To coincide with the publication of the 2014-15 performance data, some new functionality has been added to the site. You can now:

    • View a ‘National performance’ report which provides a summary of Wales’ performance across the national indicators and how it compares to previous years.
    • View information about the population of your council  to help put your local council’s performance into context.
    • View a ‘Summary performance’ report which shows how your council’s performance compares to previous years and how it compares to other councils’ performance. It also shows how people living in your local area feel about the council.
    • View other reports relating to the performance of your chosen council, including those produced by the council and those produced by its regulators.
    • Contact the performance team within your chosen council with a simple click of a button.

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    y Golygydd / the Editor