• Mae'r wefan hon ar gael yn y Gymraeg

Dewis Cymru

About Dewis Cymru

Dewis Cymru is the place for information about well-being in Wales.

People tell us that it’s not easy to find the right information, at the right time, presented in the right way. Dewis Cymru aims to help people with their well-being by sharing information about a wide range of local and national organisations and services. Whatever you are looking for, from a childminder to a residential care home, Dewis has the answer! You can then make your own choice over which services best meet your needs.

Dewis Cymru has been developed to help people find information about organisations and services that can help them take control of their own well-being. It is also useful for people like GPs, Librarians, Social Workers and lots of local organisations who offer information to the public as part of their work.