• Mae'r wefan hon ar gael yn y Gymraeg

Local systems

National and UK information sources are available and provide a valuable resource for policy makers. However, there is an increased need for data at a more local level, including data sourced locally by authorities and their partners. Local information systems allow policy makers and citizens to access, analyse, map and download local and national data sets with relative ease.

North Wales Economic Observatory

Intelligent data to support and improve current and future businesses within the North Wales regional economy.

Our Cwm Taf

Our Cwm Taf brings together the partnership work of the Cwm Taf Public Services Board. It offers partners and citizens opportunities to engage with and further understand the key role of the board as it develops. Our Cwm Taf also contains a wealth of information about the region.

Regional Learning and Skills Observatory

The Regional Leanring and Skills Observatory (RLSO) provides a range of labour market intelligence to support and inform decision makers within the region. At the heart of the RLSO is an interactive online mapping system which makes data accessible and informative for users.

South East Wales Skills Observatory

The South East Wales Skills Observatory (SEWSO) has been developed by the Learning, Skills and Innovation Partnership (LSkIP), to assist in the production and analysis of labour market information, regional skills plans and reviews of regional skills provision.

Welsh Migration Portal

The portal provides users with a range of migration data and contextual information, bilingually, in table and map form.