• Mae'r wefan hon ar gael yn y Gymraeg

Standard terms and conditions for purchase orders

Local Government Data Unit ~ Wales (‘Data Cymru’)

  • Data Cymru – Purchaser – Us/We
  • The Supplier – Seller - You

Goods and Services (including all materials and works)

  • 1. All terms, conditions of tender and any terms specified or referred to form the terms of this contract. Any other term(s) must be agreed in writing.
  • 2. By accepting this order, you accept these terms and conditions.
  • 3. Order numbers must be quoted on all delivery notes, invoices and correspondence.
  • 4. All invoices should be sent to Local Government Data Unit ~ Wales, Local Government House, Drake Walk, Cardiff CF10 4LG, even if goods are delivered to a different address.
  • 5. If you are aware of any variation in price, quality or quantity to that stated in our order, you must advise us of this. This must be agreed before the goods are despatched or services are provided, otherwise payment will not be made.
  • 6. Payment will only be made to the seller named on the order. Payment to the seller’s nominee by will only be made by special arrangement.
  • 7. All goods or services provided must comply with the highest British Standard Institute standard unless either (a) we agree a lower standard; or (b) you inform us that there is no such relevant standard. In both cases, in accepting this, we must agree in advance, in writing.
  • 8. You must not assign the benefit of this order or contract, or any part of it to any other person without our consent.
  • 9. We must confirm any waiver or amendment to any one or more of these terms in writing. If we do not, any such waiver or amendment will not have effect.
  • 10. The contract is governed by English and Welsh law.

Goods (including all materials)

  • 11. You must cover the cost of carriage and postage. You must deliver the goods to the location indicated on the order, or they may be rejected.
  • 12. You must obtain a receipt for all delivered goods and provide a copy to us upon request. We are not obliged to pay for any goods until we have received proof of delivery.
  • 13. Where a delivery date and/or time has been specified and agreed, you must adhere to this. If a delivery date and/or time has not been specified, the delivery date will be on the 14thday following the date of the order at 3.00pm/15:00. If the 14thday falls on a day when our offices are closed, the delivery date will be the next day that our offices are open. Our offices are open from Monday to Friday 8a.m/08:00 to 5.00p.m/17:00.
  • 14. All property relating to the goods and materials in respect of this order will pass to us upon delivery. However, if payment or part payment is made in relation to this order before delivery, then all property will pass to us at the time of the payment.
  • 15. Prices quoted by you are deemed to include all packing and delivery charges unless you have specified otherwise in writing before accepting our order.
  • 16. You must specify clearly on the delivery note and invoice if, for example, you need a pallet or packaging to be returned to you. We will reuse or dispose of it as we see fit otherwise.
  • 17. You must remove any delivered goods that do not match the description specified in the order from our premises within 48 hours of delivery at your expense.
    If you fail to do this we will arrange to return the goods to you at your expense. If the goods are identified at the time of attempted delivery as not matching the description in the order, the goods will be removed immediately from our premises at your expense.
  • 18. You must make good any loss, damage to or defect in the goods not caused by us within 14 days of receiving written notice from us.
  • 19. You must clearly mark hazardous goods with the international danger symbol and name of the material/substance in English. These goods must be packed, labelled, and carried in accordance with current legislation, or internationally accepted agreements. You must supply information in English regarding the handling, storage and proper use of the hazardous goods. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you indemnify us against any loss, damage or injury caused to us, our staff and agents if you fail to comply with these terms.
  • 20. Payment or part payment for the goods specified in this order does not mean that we have accepted that the supplied goods are of the description, quality and quantity ordered. Such payment will not prejudice our right to reject the goods at a later date.

Services (including works)

  • 21. The seller will provide all labour, goods, tools and equipment necessary to perform the service(s).
  • 22. It is your responsibility to obtain written confirmation of ‘on the job’ oral instructions.
  • 23. You must provide your service(s) during our normal working hours unless we have agreed otherwise in writing.
  • 24. You must make good at your expense any defect(s) which exist or appear within 12 months from the date that you completed the service(s).
  • 25. You must keep adequate and accurate records of the service(s) provided, including timings. You must submit these records to us at the end of each service period, or at such other time, which must be agreed in writing beforehand.
  • 26. You must provide evidence of your tax status to us at our request.
  • 27. If you are working onsite at our premises, you must keep the workplace clean and tidy, and must remove any excess goods or waste regularly.
  • 28. Unless otherwise agreed, prices quoted by you are deemed to include all your travelling and subsistence expenses.